• Liz Albro

    Liz Albro

    Photographer, Foodie, Reader. Rooted in the DMV, World Wanderer. Seeking Wisdom.

  • Rochelle Silva

    Rochelle Silva

    PhD student @ NTU 🇸🇬| Logophile | Artist| Wanderer | Coffee Lover | Sri Lankan| https://linktr.ee/rochellesilva | Buy me a ☕https://bit.ly/399XKRX

  • Kristin H. Huseby

    Kristin H. Huseby

    Data Scientist at Inmeta Consulting, part of the Crayon Group, working on practical application of machine learning with a main focus on NLP.

  • Trevor Ram

    Trevor Ram

    Writing about things I want to write about

  • Anna Langley

    Anna Langley

    Anna Langley is a musician, photographer, and lover of languages from Cambridge, UK. She makes her living from computing.

  • Wediina


  • Nikolaos Papachristou

    Nikolaos Papachristou

    PhD candidate in data science for clinical data. Interested in data science, chronic disease care, self-management, evidence based practise.

  • Tamara Kalandadze

    Tamara Kalandadze

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